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Phillip Donnelly IT Support Hertfordshire

The Value of knowledge is in what you can pass on to others

The Value of knowledge is in what you can pass on to others so that they may learn sooner and add to that experience which has already been gained. For example no one has to reinvent the Diode but we need to make it better and make the maximum use of it by building on what we already know.

I have knowldge which will benefit you. Better communication, a way of teaching and learning, personal development, the management of money, skills and professions or simply to help you use modern technology to improve your lives and help you connect.

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Business Expertise

I have 30 years of Computer and Technology experience in all environments and all circumstances. Manufacturing, Distribution, Logistics and Sales. Which includes Food production, SMD and Assembly manufacturing. ERP, MRP, CRM, KanBan, JiT and CIM. In 2003 following a career as an Analyst and DBA, in addition to desktop support, I decided to develop my Web skills and started out learning HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP.

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Working in FMCG and IT

30 years Working in FMCG and Information Technology related fields. Project Management experience and classroom training. As well and Online services to include Shopify, WooCommerce and Magneto. This website is being created by me using HTML5, CSS, Javascript and Bootstrap.

Phil's Career Key Stages

  • 1971 Started as a Photographer.
  • 1977 Nikon Cameras Service and Repair, RAV.
  • 1978 KP Foods (Packaging Development).
  • 1979 United Biscuits Purchasing Department Admin (Packaging Buyer).
  • 1983 Logistics Production Planning Manager (Harlesden and Liverpool Factories).
  • 1985 Senior Logistics Analyst after implementing a new Production Planning System.
  • 1990 Sales Systems and Statistic Manager.
  • 1993 Senior Logistics Analysts (UBDS Rationalisation and Central Warehouse Project.
  • 1995 Manufacturing System Engineer, Nokia Base Stations.
  • 1998 Factory Systems Manager, Nokia Mobile Phones.
  • 2001 DiverseyLever ( Unilever/SCI/SealedAir) Oracle Development and Web Manager.
  • 2008 Independent consultant Manufacturing Systems.
  • 2009 Independent Engineer.
  • 2014 Relocated to Devon.
  • 2020 Relocated to Stevenage, Herfordshire (Covid19 lockdown till 2021).

Phil's Technical Experience and Knowledge

  • 1987, 1997 and 2001 Oracle SQL (Relational Database).
  • 1996 Windows NT. Unix (Shell Programing). Access Database. MS Office.
  • HTML and CSS 2001, 2003 HTML and CSS, 2007 Javascript, 2008 PHP, 2010 Python.
  • 2018 Windows 10. Apple IoS.

Learning Never Stops