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Phillip Donnelly IT Support
Hertfordshire, Essex, London, Bucks and Northamptonshire.

- Computer Tutor - Engineer - Developer - I.T Support - Photography - Videography - Remote Support - eCommerce - Know How -

What I do and what I'm doing are as follows

  • ?HTML 5 for Websites
  • ?CSS3 Animation
  • ?CSS for Design
  • ?Bootstrap Framework
  • ?SQL Server Backend Dev
  • ?Javascript for Functionality and UX
  • ?Video Production
  • ?Photography
  • ?Electronics
  • ?Finding low cost solutions to high cost requirements
  • ?Adobe products learning ongoing
  • ?PHP
  • ?Drone Photography 2021

"Feed off the knowledge of the experienced. Save the pain"
That experience can save you time and as we know, time IS money in business and in life.

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Website Development

56 Billion Website Pages. 1.5 Billion Websites. Where are you? A World of Websites. I'm in! A website is just the begining of your web presence. You can use SquareSpace, Wix, GoDaddy, Fasthost, Webflow, Elementor and More...

A website is just the begining of your web presence. You can use SquareSpace, Wix, GoDaddy, Fasthost, Webflow, Elementor and more. And after you have dont forget to keep them up to date, you will need to add content every day if your want your site to be found in searches without paid advertising. Most of these ready made website hosting packages are a subscription service and subscription services bring in billions of £€$ for these companies, so make it work for you or perhaps just have a Free FB page for your business. After all.

Why have a website? Do you actually know! Selling a product or service? You'll need a whole lot more than a website. That is JUST the simple beginning. Have a WP blog, use it or again it's pointless unless it's just a personal site that people go to because you guide them there. Keep it simple and keep if cheap or you just throwing money down the pan. If you have it, use it! A website is supposed to bring you business, inform people and provide a service. What does your website do and how does it do it!?! A website alone will do nothing except consume your money. Like a subscription service that you dont need. If you need it to work for you then you need to discuss that with me and other webmasters.

I will be adding a whole lot more information over the coming weeks. Remember this. You'll need a relevant Instagram account, a Twitter user name, also a Facebook business account and you will need a Blog to be top dog. You'll need to be active, photos, advertising, information artices, weblinks and a whole lot more. You'll need a brand too. And a YouTube Channel reviewing your products and services. As for hosting, use a webmaster and you can have your own webserver with a fixed IP address. If you have a server you will need excellent protection against hackers and ransom wear. Use a web service and you will need a reliable web hosting provider and you will need to buy hosting support. Having a website is either very simple or very complex.

Phil Donnelly, Website Services, Stevenage, Hertfordshire.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimization is the process for improving the quantity and quality of website traffic to a website. Good SEO does not take in account paid website traffic but unpaid website traffic. More...

Not every Website demands SEO but good SEO should be a goal.

For example a photograph produced by you for your website that has a relevant description, namely something related to it's origin and source will help bring traffic to your website if people are searching for something related to that image. Adding a photograph helps but the content you add should also be talking about something related to that photograph such as, in this case, an SEO photograph linked to an article discussing SEO. So the SEO image to the left of this article is a relevant image that focuses your eye on it's content, then that is a relevant image that may catch your visitors eye and grab their attention while browsing your site if they are looking for SEO related content.

And SEO hates repetitiveness. So there is no point in repeating the website name, your location or service over and over again because web crawlers will leave your site if it finds too many occurrences of the word or phrase. That's why quality content is important. Now I have to stop here. But remember that I have been discussing Search Engine Optimization here and that immediatly attracts web crawlers to my site. Web crawlers have to look at millions of websites so my site probably wont appear in searches for another 2 weeks from the date of posting when someone is looking for SEO content. In that time I can post a lot more information. Anything else I have to say has to go on to my Blogging site since I will discuss SEO again in relevant articles. This way my website always has fresh content. And bear in mind that you will need to link to social network sites like FB and Instagram (I will be doing mine shortly). Good SEO is now a job for someone on your team if you want to pull in clients or customers. If you have a website review the Meta tags and if you have a WordPress site make sure you are using the Meta tags manager. Check the facts here on Wikipedia SEO

Phil Donnelly, SEO, Stevenage, Hertfordshire. Image by Oberholster Venita from Pixabay

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Stay Safe online

With thousands and even millions of people now using home computers and mobiles for online shopping, work and home schooling what should you do to stay safe onlin More...

I will be adding to this over the next few days. Important points are Passwords, Never Give ANYONE your PIN or Password Details for anything Finanacial, Keep Software and Applications up to date, this includes checking your phone for updates. If you're happy to have 3rd party software on your PC to protect you then do. Don't use public wifi for any legth or time, go in check your balance and log out again, you may have to use public networks to block a bank card for example if it's lost so there are occasions where you will need to use it. Regularly change passwords and think about using a Password locker. More detail to come.

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Shop Online with Confidence.

So who's been able to visit a shop to do the shopping they desire, the clothes, the bags and the shoes. It's been tough this year, shops closing down, famouse name shops closed as never before and with a lot more time on our hands than we normally have we've taken to shopping online More...

I use Amazon to sell products and used items. You can too. But how do you know if an independent website selling shoes will honor your purchase. Well, the first thing to check is the payment methods, then secondly you want to know where the business is based. You want to know if the business sells brands you recognise and look at customer feedback first. If you are given a sign up option then do it but use a secondary email address you can use simply for shopping, not your primary email. I always recommended Google for that purpose......updating article 06/01/21.

You can shop with Confidence using this link to Amazon and it helps me too. Follow the Amazon Link.

Recommended reading How to Shop Online With Confidence: The ins and outs of internet shopping, from getting a great deal to avoiding pitfalls and keeping your card details safe.

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Selecting the right PC?

IMAC Voted Best Video PC. But there are always alternatives.

See the best PC's for Video HERE and Apple DO have serious competition at half the price and less.

You would be amazed at how many people buy the wrong machine. It's not always the most expensive one you need. I have a laptop PC that is still good after 10 years! Yes, 10 YEARS. I've seen many buy at least their second PC in that time. Call me!

Video Production

Here is a simple video using a music sound track and the linked to images to create this MP4 Video. It will play music so before you play the video check the volume. Images do change within the first minute or so.
This video runs from the web page hosting server.

For upload shortly

Also this video I recently posted to YouTube


If you like music, especially 80s pop plus much more then visit another site I created as an excercise in website production, this one is called Cue80smusic.net

Fun Stuff and Serious Stuff.

Now my new site is live I will be adding more content including Fun Stuff.
Interactive fun stuff around the site. Just little things to show you just what can be done with a web page. The Clock for instance was created using JavaScript and though I entered the code for this myself I wouldn't be able to do it without learning from others.

CSS3 Animation example here -