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This is the welcome page. click the heading to go to the Home page where you will find contact details and specific details about my services.

In these days of MII’s, Multi income individuals, it’s not surprising to find that a person offering one service also has another service. My employment history is mainly in Information Technology. But I have also had to be adaptable to ensure I maintain enough income, and with my aptitude for problem solving, fixing and repairing I also offer additional services to home owners. There are skills I have that I have received training for. Excluding anything IT related I can plaster, plumb and decorate to a high standard, though I no longer do any plastering jobs. Like many people I enjoy being out in the fresh air.

UW Customer and Partner.

Offering you an opportunity to save on your bills and for an additional income.

I also love gardening, there’s nothing better than being out in the fresh air and for that reason I offer a Garden maintenance service specialising in lawn care.

I T support for wet and wintery days and Gardening for the better days.

You can find out more about me and the services I provide at purplepiggy.co.uk (my link to UW).

But don’t forget. My primary service, with over 30 years experince to call on is Information Technolgy, Audio Visual Services including security camera systems.

AV, WiFi repeaters, and TV installations.

You will find more about me personally on my About Us page, just click the link to my profile page. Can’t find the about me page? It’s probably being created at this time.

Phillip Donnelly. Phillipdonnelly.co.uk.