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If I had no content here at all then Google wouldn’t even give my page a second glimpse, nothing here in the form of content would be no good for SEO would it. I mean, little or no content doesn’t say Visit me or even notice me. But a few words aren’t any good either.

Web crawlers will only take an interest in my site if I have useful content. I may not want web crawlers to rank my website highly. I must just direct people here through business cards, email and word of mouth.
Now I do plan on adding content that is useful, well, useful to me. You! That’s not my sites purpose.
I’m using it to gather and order content that is useful to me from anywhere but it would be nice if others found some use in it, and even Google may rank me high enough to be in the first page of search results. How do people find me? My name is actually the only way. There are way too many people out there doing the same as me. So lets say I want to talk about something specific. I may have an animation project in hand, and so I may write about the tasks I have to do here. Very likely I will write about it on a blog post because search engines like blogs as they suggest regular and up to date content. That’s not always the case though.
Search engines to like WordPress in particular so I should use it.

I will just add that I am currently writing this post using HTML. The CSS is is in the additional CSS space. I’m also using Bootstrap which is currently running as Plugin.

I watch a lot of YouTube videos and I don’t like all the Ads, some are useful but many are just a disturbance in my watching and learning. So I use the embed function to place those Videos on my sites pages, but not as though you have to search pages and pages of videos. I use the iframe function in HTML along with the Target and Name property to fire those videos at the iframe for watching. I started doing that on websites back in 2013 but many have followed my examples, even using the Table function that I have used in my Cue80sMusic website. Incidentally that’s a website I created to help me learn and develop my web development skills. And as of the 27/07/22 is being transfered to WordPress as a Theme, my own WP theme.

I started learning to code back in 1987. At that time I was working with SQL as a RDBMS administrator and an analyst. I also have a creative side so I enjoy the creativity aspects of web development. I now also create videos and have more recently started producing my own using a variety of software.

Hopefully search engines will like this little bit of content. I will revisit the subject on a regular basis so content on the site in regard to SEO will grow.Wikipedia SEO

Phil Donnelly, SEO, Stevenage, Hertfordshire. Image by Oberholster Venita from Pixabay

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