Suzuki Jimny for Sales in Exeter, Devon.

Suzuki Jimny for sale In Exeter, Devon.

Grab a Bargain Jimny! Really! Priced at around £1850.00.

We are open to offers on a price that is amongst the LOWEST anywhere.

Suzuki Jimny. 54 Plate in average condition. Regularly serviced at MoT time. MoT for 11 Months. 90,000 Miles. New Battery in 2016. New Roof in 2016.

  • Radio/CD although not great quality.
  • Power Steering
  • Economical 1300cc engine
  • Clean Interior
  • Electric Windows
  • Central Locking
  • 4 Wheel Drive

The Suzuki Jimny is a great little vehicle, a convertible for the summer months and a 4x4 for the winter months. With excellent ground cleareance for rough terrain and a short wheel base giving it good road holding it handles and loves any surface within reason, it's not a Toyota Landcruiser!. It has good ground clearance for field work, mud and snow so winters really aren't a problem. You can also fit a high level exhaust and air intake which makes it good for crossing the odd stream and River ford. It's a very capable little car. I've even driven it on the River Exe, when the tide is out of course. It comes with a tow bar for pulling a small trailer or a small horse box. The engine isn't powerful enough for hills and a trailer so the towing ability is limted by that but push that 1300cc 16v engine to the red line and it will fly. Like all small 16v engines, there is a rev range that will give you maximum performance when you need it.

It is a 14 year old car and it's been used exactly as it should but it still brushes up nicely. A very enjoyable little motor, great for new drivers because of it's size, performance, protection, parking ability and country lane manouverability. A fun and useful little vehicle which also gives you a nice all round view.

It's been looked after, never driven on very rough ground and never crashed. The bodywork has the typical Devon Countryside blemishes due to the tight country lanes shared with other vehicles but that's where the Suzuki Jimny is most at home because of it's compact size. But put the roof down and wind down the windows while on a trip to the beach and you'll be smiling, especially when it comes to limited parking as it's short length is a big bonus. The ride is not the best, it's a Jeep, not a Range Rover but on a tarmac road it's a smooth little runner.

Give the little Suzuki a go but only once you drive it will you love it.

Why are we selling?

Age! Really, the lady owner is in her 60's and so she needs a bit more comfort, so does the old bloke who sits in the passenger seat.

How to drive your Jimny, Shirley's Suzuki Jimny?

Don't be afraid to drive it hard! The Jimny 1.3 is a great little car with a solid little 16v engine and like all 16valve engines loves to rev. Unlike flat-as-a-pancake diesels, the power builds all the way to the red-line. Shifting at 3000rpm it'll always feel poo because you are only using about 40hp but let it rev to 5000 and it goes a lot better. Take it all the way to the limiter and the gears match up nicer than a lot of 'fast' cars I've driven- it's quite a pleasure to thrash around really! Drop it down a gear or 2 for overtakes and hills. 3rd is good for 70mph, so great for passing lorries.

What Can you do with your Jimny! I tell you that the customising opportunities are amazing.

Suzuki Jimny - Big