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Hello! This website is part of what I do but who REALLY loves sitting at desk all day? Not me.

  • I'm a techie, yep, I love technology. If I don't know how something works I find out. If I need a solution I generally find one.
  • Cars, that's another of my subjects, noisy cars and electric bikes. Do I know where the flywheel goes? Yes, what a Turbo does? Yes. Or even your cylinder sleeve.
  • Photography was my first love, it was once simple and an art, now it's all technology.
  • Computers and me, I like software, it makes things happen.
  • And then there are Websites, that was a whole new bunch of technologies which I decided to master, just for the hell of it plus, you never know, one days perhaps.

So I'm a Coder, Techie, Engineer, Photographer and would be Builder.

But I'm a whole lot more. Many years as a manager in manufacturing, logistics and I.C.T to add to all that

Phillip Donnelly started his career path in the 70's as a trainee photographer which took him into Packaging development and design, then Manufacturing Information Technology, helping get your mobile phone to you and a biscuit with your tea.

Besides being an expert with MRP (Materials Requirement Planning) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems with over 10 years sales, manufacturing and warehousing technology systems experience I know my way around them all. Basicly they carry out the same function, they just look different.

This bit is boring -: My experience includes all aspects of Information Technology, there really isn't one aspect of IT that I haven't had some involvement in as long as we aren't talking about specific industries. So, I've been an IT Engineer, a Business Analyst, Data Analyst, System Analyst, SQL DBA (Oracle/SQLServer), UNIX Admin (Yep! I've done my CHMOD along with my GREP)., BI administrator, designer and trainer, a Desktop Support engineer, Network Installations (TCP/IP, DHCP and IP addressing), Wireless Terminal project for reporting manufacturing and stock movements. Experience of a range of Web technologies. A Project manager and Team Leader. Business Objects, ETL, ERP, Data Warehousing and even some SAP.

Phillip Donnelly installed the FIRST wireless network into a Multimillion pound Nokia UK Factory in 2000.

Cars -: More interesting. I've rebuilt a few engines, broken some too, wrecked a car or two and rebuilt a few from the mundane to the more mundane. All I really want in my Christmas stocking is a Mustang, a 1965 V8 brute, and an electric bike, like a Harley Davidson LiveWire Motorcycle. My car manages 0-60 in 6 seconds and that's fast enough for the highway so how about a bike you really need to hang on to and 0-60 mph in 3 seconds, people will hear you laugh.

Click the unstyled button to see a video. "The First Mustang"

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Perhaps you need Website services? Protection Status

"In the early days of Colour Photography it was Photography for magazine advertisments and packaging, today the same service is required but now it's Photography for website production, advertising and still packaging."

Photography for website production

Responsive Websites

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I can code too! HTML, HTML5, CSS, Java, SQL. Software in use includes WampServer, MySQL, JSON and Ajax. Including SEO.

I've done a fair amount of work with SEO in recent years, it's not as difficult as some may think. It is all about descriptions, headings, contents and links. But what I really like doing is selling, getting out there and talking about the things I really enjoy living with or doing which hopefully gives me an income too.

For more about me take a look at the About page.