Dedicated SEO resource.

Oracle, SQL Server, MYSQL and more. SQL Report writing and Analytics

Computer Services

Computer Repair and Build
  • Diagnostics
  • Window 10 Upgrade
  • Transfer of Software
  • PC Ghosting/Cloning services
  • PC Clean up
  • Hard Drive replacement
  • Backup solutions
  • Safe Storage
  • Power Supply replacement
  • Media copying (VHS/CD)
  • Virus removal

Computer support and training

Major Systems Training Nokia, Unilever

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With over 25 years experience in a range of I.T. subjects I am able to support you with your needs. If the PC or Personal Computer is something you've yet to master then I am the ideal person having trained in group sessions and in the workplace as a professional.

Do you need a digital or online champion?

Senior Citizen PC Training

Could it be that you have people in your care that need to take-up the use of digital solutions such as; on-line payment of rent, repairs reporting, "Learn My Way" on-line training programs, NHS Choices health advice and general appointment booking. Or perhaps people who need to learn and develop an understanding of Social networks like Facebook so that they can stay in touch with love one. Perhaps the use of applications specifically designed for the use of communication such as MS messenger for face to face communication.


I have a very low hourly charge specifically tailored to supporting older people with a desire to improve their use of digital technologies.

Software Installation

Save Money on User Licences

Installing or updating software can be daunting. Conflict with other software for instance can stop background services. Software delivered as an ZIP file aren't always as easy as we would like and it may even be too complex for you. Using Software for the first time, even fairly straight forward aps can seem like a challenge. We're here to help.

  • Software Management
  • Training inc. Photoshop
  • Anti Virus
  • Complex Installation
  • CMS e.g WordPress

10 Years plus Coding

It started as a hobby back in 2000


I started my career in Photography, working with art studios and photographers to develop eye catching advertisments, later I worked in packaging design again creating eye catching packaging. The same process continues today except now it's advertising and more importantly design for the internet and websites. I headed off into a techie role because I had skills, but things have gone full circle for me, I came back to my desire to create eye catching content and that led me to web development.

Looking for an effective efficient way to build your business and support your customers?

Then you need a website.

Websites come in a vast array of forms, a simple Website consisting of a few pages of content purely telling customers about your business to complex e-commerce sites that allow you to build on an already established name or start a new business from your garage. This page has more content to come. Find out more.....

Website Support

Intranet Dev. Projects

New projects required.

CMS Support to help you install products such as WordPress, Joomla, Opencart etc.

S.P.A Single Social Group S.W. UK S.P.A Link

My Online Shop

As an example of an Online shop or e-commerce shop please take a look at this example. SHOP

MRP, ERP Systems Trainer

Project Management